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For more than 50 years, G&K Machine Company has been serving industry in the rocky mountain region, providing them with the repairs and products they need. As a family-owned company, we believe in personal and caring services, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our work. While we focus on gear manufacturing, we are also skilled in a wide range of machining and repair services as well. Whether you need repairs or are looking for quality products, let us help you get your business back on track.

Our team can handle key stock replacements as well as entire gearbox manufacturing, offering you a full service job shop to take care of any concerns you might have. We are also available for in-house inspections and repairs, finding solutions to all your industrial problems. If you are looking for fast turnaround and break down services, we can discuss your specific needs in detail. Our commitment to growth and dedication to personal relationships has allowed us to expand our services greatly over the years. Some of our primary services are listed below.





Supplying Gears & Shafts



Colorado Industrial Manufacturer

We have been serving the Rocky Mountain region industries for more than 50 years, supplying them with the gears, components and services they need to pursue a successful future. It is our goal to provide customers with the best quality products, while still offering great personal service. While we have seen extensive growth over the past five decades, our company still upholds the family-owned values. Our  Colorado gear manufacturing facility is able to meet the requirements of most industries, using our experience to provide businesses with the support and products they need. With such a large assortment of gear manufacturing equipment, we are able to customize gears of high quality.  When it comes to precision, our team will work hard to supply you with the equipment you need.

With our wide range of gears and services, we strive to serve almost every industry, no matter what type of request it is. We offer free estimates for all of our services, allowing you to know what you will pay, before you pay it. If you would like more information on our services or custom gears, please contact us at (303) 455-0601 to start discussing your industrial needs.


What type of gears do we supply?

When it comes to gears, we have high standards and expectations. We always want to provide products that demonstrate the quality and work ethic we believe in. Our wide range of gears and services include gearboxes, spur gears, helical gears, shafts, gear hobbing, worm gears and key seating. No matter what type of gears or services you need, we will work alongside you to find the best solution to satisfy your gearing requirements. We also offer repair services, performing fast inspections and reassembly when needed. Our gears range in size and functionality, which is why we included the list below to show some of our current products and services:

  • General gears: can manufacture gears over 48 inches in diameter

  • Gear hobbing: can go over 4 ft in diameter for the spur, helical and worm gears

  • Gear shaping: can go over 3 ft in diameter for internal and external work

  • Slotting and milling: up to 16 lead worms over 48 inches long, with a 16 inch diameter

  • Key seating: up to 2 inches in width and 12 inches through

  • Shafts: can go over 12 feet in length


colorado precision machines

cnc machinery


CNC Machining in Colorado

We offer our customers a wide range of machined parts, ensuring that they have all the products and equipment they need to succeed. Our Colorado manufacturing company is committed to providing industries with the best quality machined parts. With more than five decades of experience, our company still holds to our original standards of excellent product quality and unmatched work ethic. As a family-owned business, G&K Machine Company still puts the customer first, building relationships that last a lifetime. Our CNC machinery is constantly being updated to match the requirements in our industry. We also have manual machines, customized to work for your specific area of interest.

If you are interested in finding a company with quality machinery, we can provide you with those services. If you need reassembly of industrial components, inspection or repairs, our company has the experience to help. No matter what type of services you need for your CNC machinery or industrial pursuits, our team is ready to support you.


What is the difference between CNC & manual machines?

We offer both CNC and manual machines for milling and turning services, as both machines are reliable and effective. There are several key differences between the machines, which may influence why type of equipment you select to use. Depending on your industrial needs, a CNC machine might better benefit your services. Some of the benefits of CNC machinery include the following:

  • Require much less manual work

  • Can be programmed

  • Capable of performing the same task over and over with precision

  • Improves production costs

  • Requires minimal supervision

Essentially, the benefit of a CNC machine is that it will produce a large amount of high quality work in a shorter time frame. The machinery is costly, requiring an investment for your future production savings.

A manual machine may be better fit for small industries that don’t need to produce large amounts of products, and prefer to be more involved in the process. They are much lower in equipment costs and repairs. You will be able to enlist the services of skilled manual machinists, providing jobs and personal interactions at the same time. You may prefer to have more motivation behind your workers, knowing they put their personal best into every product. The efficiency of manual machines is still high, allowing you to save on initial equipment costs and still produce quality work.

all machinery needs are covered

No matter what type of machinery you need, whether for lathes, machining centers, mills or grinders, we have the manual and CNC machinery to help your industry succeed. If you would like more information on our machinery or other gear manufacturing services, contact us at (303) 455-0601. You can also request an estimate for our services at any time.


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Miscellaneous Machinery


colorado miscellaneous machinery

Need equipment in Kansas or Nebraska?

Since 1961, G&K Machine Co has been offering customers a wide range of gear manufacturing and machining tools. We pride ourselves on carrying excellent equipment and products. When you work with us, we guarantee the quality of our services and machinery. At our company, we aim to put the customer first. Our goal is to build life-long relationships with our customers, encouraging them to come to us for any of their industrial needs. Our machining company can perform repairs, custom gears and supply CNC machining. We also offer a wide range of miscellaneous machining services. We have all of the tools and equipment you need to run your industrial business.

At our Colorado gear manufacturing company, we are always prepared to help our customers. We believe in continual growth, which is why we continue to update our equipment as the industrial environment changes. One of our priorities is supplying customers with the products they need at an affordable price. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will receive the personal serviceand work ethic you deserve.  


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Our Equipment & Machinery

We have a vast amount of equipment and machinery for industrial use in our 12,500 square foot facility. While we are located in Colorado, we are able to serve customers from all over, including Kansas and Nebraska. No matter what your machinery needs are, we have the experience and inventory to meet them. For a brief list of our inventory, see the miscellaneous machinery below:

  • MIG welding machinery

  • TIG welding machinery

  • Arc welding machinery

  • Tap disintegrator

  • H-frame presses

  • Surface grinders

  • Drill presses

  • Pedestal grinders

No matter what your machinery needs are, G&K Machine Company is here to help. Contact us today at (303) 455-0601 to start discussing your industrial needs. If you would like more information on pricing, you can request an estimate at any time.