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geared to serve you since 1961

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Founded More Than Five Decades Ago

Our company was originally founded in Colorado more than 50 years ago, targeting the machining and repair requirements of the mining industry. We quickly outgrew this, expanding our focus to gear manufacturing. We also added computer controlled equipment more than 30 years ago, developing into a full service job shop, capable of meeting the needs of almost any industry. The past three generations of family ownership have allowed us to continually update our equipment and facilities to meet the ever-changing needs of the manufacturing environment. We firmly believe in customer relationships, as we are dedicated to providing personal service and quality production. Boasting numerous 30-year-old work relationships, our proven reputation allows us to continue our business growth.



No matter what type of equipment, repairs or machinery you are looking for, we are ready to discuss your needs. Our team is trained to provide you with the best customer services possible, ensuring that your goals and objectives are met. When it comes to your industry’s success, G&K Machine Company has the tools to help. We will review your specific requests and needs and offer you a fair and reasonable quote before we begin our services. If you would prefer to visit our 12,500 square foot facility, we always open to visitors. Contact us today at (303) 455-0601 to start discussing your customized gear or machinery services.



We offer a wide range of services, including prototypes, reverse engineering, production and repairs.  G&K Machine Company is capable of handling anything, from replacement key stock to complete gearbox manufacturing. We will help you with your component rebuilding needs or small-medium production runs. With a variety of gear sizes, you can rest assured that our manufacturing company can handle gears of all sizes and the shafts or components you may need. We can also perform in-house inspections, tear downs, repairs or reassembly for your industrial components. Whether you need quick turn around and break down services or the gears to get your industrial team running, we can help.



Our milling and turning services include CNC and manual machines with large capabilities. We also have protoype to short run production services, incuding reverse engineering to supplying you with all of your industrial needs. With our vast amount of experience, we are also able to perform all of the necessary repairs you might need for your machinery. Whether you are in the heavy industrial or aerospace industry, we can help machine the parts you need to have a successful future. We are able to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have about your machinery or installments. All of our products are backed by our quality guarantee, allowing you to trust in your equipment’s performance. Whether you are facing machine problems or need to start your industry services, we are here to solve any of your problems.

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We continue to grow and develop as a company every year, yet our main focus is still gear manufacturing.  Our services include gear hobbing, gear shaping, slotting, milling and keyseating. We manufacture gears to 48 inches and shafts over twelve feet in length, providing you with the sizes to fit your specific needs. Our spur, helical and worm gearing go over four feet in diameter, and are able to meet almost any industrial requirement. With gear shaping over three feet in diameter, both internally and externally, you can trust in our services. We also specialize in gear replacement and customized jobs. We always strive to provide clients with the best service and highest quality products, which is why we guarantee all of our repairs and gears.